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Services To Buyer

We act as sole buying agents for all wood based products on behalf of a number of selected manufacturers and importers.

Our basket of products includes a wide selection and many options.

Our clients are amongst the most veteran and reliable leaders of the trade in Indonesia

Wide practical experience in the markets in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and Europe , over many years.

We plan, negotiate and finalise effective shipping solutions.

We follow up on all aspects of logistics, documentation and banking and work to provide fast answers to any unforeseen problems.

Services To Suplier

We offer our services as agents and local representatives for producers and exporters who want to export and distribute their products

We can provide initial market surveys, statistical background, feasibility studies as well as long term marketing plans and joint ventures.

We represent some of the finest and largest producing companies in the world of wood and we are proud of their long term confidence in us.

We offer our extensive experience in providing an efficient and above all, a trustworthy service.